Chinese Birth Chart, The Secrets and Tips Good to Know about

Chinese Birth Chart

Chinese Birth Chart, the Chinese birth calendar is nothing but a lunisolar calendar which calculates days, months and years as per the astronomical phenomena. Original Chinese birth calendar was use for traditional purposes in China as well as the Chinese communities base overseas.

Several astronomical and seasonal factors have been add by several scientists over the centuries, so that people could calculate the dates of the natural phenomena including those of phases of the moon as well as the tides upon the Chinese calendar. The calendar comprises of more than 100 variants, whose characteristics reveal the calendars’ evolution.
Today people can easily get the Chinese birth calendar PDF because of the existence of internet. The Chinese calendar always gives out accurate results because it is an outcome of the centuries old processes of evolution in the sector of astronomy.

Chinese Birth Chart: Some Other Facts!

Some other facts about the Chinese birth chart which many people are unaware of are as follows:

  • The Chinese birth chart makes use of various kinds of codes for special situations for doing away with ambiguity. These codes include the heavenly stems which are nothing but a decimal system and comprises of several characters. The duodecimal system or earthly branches is another code which also comprises of many characters. Last but not the least; sexagesimal system is the stem-branches system which is form by the combination of heavenly stems and earthly branches matches.
  • Under the Chinese birth calendar calculator, days start at midnight and months starts at day of the dark or the new moon while the year begins on the pioneer day of the first month.
  • The Chinese follow the aging system base on the Gregorian calendar. For traditional purposes, Chinese birth calendar calculator is use for calculating age.

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