Chinese Calendar Baby Gender, All Explained How To Master!

Chinese Calendar Baby Gender

Chinese Calendar Baby Gender, the tests have confirm that you are welcoming a new member to your family soon. Now, start the guessing game of “Is it a boy or a girl?” This is a secret that all expectant mothers are dying to discover, but there will be no answer until the first ultrasound. In nations where gender determination is ban, parents have no choice but to let it be suspense until the due date. If you can’t wait to know your baby’s gender, there are baby gender prediction techniques. One of them, the Chinese calendar baby gender, is by far the most accurate method to predict baby’s sex.

Chinese Calendar Baby Gender: Gender Prediction

The Chinese gender calculation requires the month of conception and the mother’s age (both base on Chinese lunar calendar) at the time of conception. However, in the current days, most websites have simplified it for your convenience. You just need to enter English dates, and the program will automatically convert your age and conception date to Chinese lunar format before displaying the result.

Chinese Calendar Baby Gender: Chinese Baby Gender Predictor

If your date of birth and the lunar month of conception both are odd or even numbers, then you are having a girl. You will have a boy if one is odd and the other is even. Perhaps this may sound illogical, but its high level of accuracy was verified by parents from all over the world. Try this gender predictor and you will have one more reason to decide whether to buy a pink or blue cradle.

More than the importance of foreknowing baby gender, it is the fun and thrill of baby sex prediction that makes the Chinese calendar gender a favorite pregnancy tool used by the parents-to-be world over. For centuries, the Chinese birth chart has been regarded a reliable tool for accurate baby gender prediction. This tool is a more simplified and easy-to-understand version of the authentic Chinese gender prediction.

Chinese Calendar Baby Gender: Accuracy of Chinese Baby Sex Prediction

The Chinese chart is an unscientific yet surprisingly accurate method. Studies and surveys prove that it is accurate 90% of the time. It is trusted by millions of people around the globe. Disclaimer: even though the Chinese gender prediction shows a high level of accuracy, it is not a scientific method to predict the baby’s sex.

For instance, according to the Chinese birth chart, a 21-year-old (Chinese age) woman is mostly likely to give birth to a baby girl if she conceives during the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th or 12th month. In other words, if a woman of age 21 wants to have a baby boy, she only has one single chance – she needs to conceive during the first month of Chinese calendar.

Chinese Calendar Baby Gender: Chinese Gender Predictor 2016 & 2017

You are not pregnant but planning to. This gender prediction tool can be used if you are trying to conceive, especially if you are inclined toward a particular gender. Try different conception dates and see the result to find if it is a boy or a girl. Using the Chinese calendar baby gender will be easy for gender selection.

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